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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Zoo Animals - Error in the 1975 Catalogue

I spent ages editing the catalogue illustrations from the 1975 catalogue the other day, kindly scanned and sent in by Kostas from Greece, they contained a page of my favourite feature from the early catalogues, the painted sets, set-up on a card. However, what I didn't notice - tired, late at night - was that Airfix had miss-attributed the two illustrations, so although I collaged the correct margin entry for each picture, the animals were from the other set!

The errant catalogue entry above; to be fair no one told me they were wrong, and with only 20-odd hits on either thread since they went live a couple of years ago, I'm guessing it's of no consequence to most of you, and I probably could have got away with it if it hadn't been for this pesky Aspergic kid!

Still, I seem to recall other errors in the catalogues and there's the famous Guards box-art screw-up which will appear on the correct post eventually, but as this concerns two sets and one image they can have their own post for now. Both images have now been corrected on the two Zoo Animal's posts below somewhere.

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