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Thursday, May 27, 2010

1968; [WWII] British Paratroops (1st Version), Patt.1712 - 1:32 scale/54mm

You would have thought that someone at Airfix from the art-room to the printer over several months would have said "Do we really want to issue this set with 9 guys shooting their mates while they are still in the air?"

The main colour variations of this set, it ran for a while, but being the first has suffered from brittleness which means good examples tend to carry a premium. Dark green is the hardest to locate, although seems not to be as brittle as the similar batch of early US Infantry.

The full set of poses, these are the same as the HO ones, I've seen someone try to suggest that they were pantographed 'UP' from the HO set! Just because the HO set came out first....Airfix always produced masters from larger sculpts, like Britains, and over the years one or two metal masters have appeared in Plastic Warrior Magazine.

That bazooka man is actually 4 pieces so lets hear it for Loctite superglue 'Plastix'!


Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Hi. A bit late in commenting! The firing upward pose was, as far as I can see, included as a figure to return fire at a window or rooftop -as was the case at Arnhem. The mystery for me is why newer paratroop sets ONLY have men firing horizontally?

Hugh Walter said...

I'm even later replying Tony - sorry about that! And a very good point . . . they were also posed in one of the catalogues firing up a steep embankment at a pill-box emplacement as well!