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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1970-72; [Colonial] (French) Foreign Legion (2nd Type) S10 / 1710 / 01710-3 - HO/OO

A very difficult set to date, this was almost certainly the first of the 'new' or 2nd Type issues/re-moulds or new moulds...and some sources are definite in their dating; 1970, 1 or '72, others correspondents hedge their bets with '1970-72', but memory serves that when matron got back from the shops and spread her wares on a seniors bed (Ooh! Matron!) for us to chose from, some of us were still getting 1st type and others got 2nd type...in identical 2nd art-work 'Blue Boxes'...this would have been around/between 1973-5.

Memory, however, is no arbiter of definitive 'evidence' so I'm not committing to a date at all!...that's what the comment section's for...what are your memories of this sets availability?

Also the old FFL figure moulding continued to be issued in the Fort Sahara play set for years-after, as old stock. Indeed I'm pretty sure these - 2nd Type - figures didn't appear in sets with the fort until the 1996'ish reissues in sky-blue plastic.

1975 box art (Blue Box type), image supplied by Greek follower Kostas.

Using the rather nice horse for a HaT German motorcyclist conversion (they announced mounted troops a while later which are now available I believe!)

1980 catalogue and painting guide!

1990's re-issues in tissue-blue!

Comparison with the Crimean War French Infantry from Pockbond's Emhar brand...they go together quite well.

Useful addition

Marx figures, reissued by Marksmen in the 1990's, supplied by Rado Industries (Ri-Toys)

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