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Thursday, May 27, 2010

1969; Waterloo Highland Infantry, S35 / 1735 / 01735 / 01735-2 / 901735 - HO:OO

A timeless set that still holds its own today against the subsequent sets from Esci/A-Toys and Italeri. A whole bunch of mostly useful poses, the standing firer was a tad odd, but painted-up it wasn't that awkward, and a lot of people don't like the stabbing-down pose, which is seen as a waste of box-space for something more useful.

As a kid I thought maybe they were just cleaning the fresh sorry; French blood off their bayonets!

 1980 catalogue, this was also one of the little 'thumbnails' (as we'd call them now) on the 'Long Box' box type.

1982 catalogue image gave us two of the thumbnails, these make for nice painting guides.

 In the Crimea, the whole regiment was layed-low by a bug that went round...hey; old jokes work!

Hermitage Dairy tea-leaf collectors cards - Black Watch 1800's, officer on the left, private on the right.

Prince/Prinze August painting guide

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