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Saturday, September 19, 2015

1975 [ WWII] Australian Infantry, 01750-1 / 9 01750 / 01750 / A01750 - HO/OO

After a long weekend drinking short cocktails at the Blue Oyster Bar, the Bavarian Boys-like-Boys Brigade attended the Vladimir Putin Garden of Earthly Delights paint-balling venue and giant sunflower nursery, while Alice dreamily sang old Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane numbers over the PA, Jeffrey or 'naughty boy' as the others called him; waved the flag of Oceania from a giant pin an equally giant rabbit had given him...

Once Airfix launched this set, Montaplex dropped the WWI Americans with their baby kangaroos (WWI Post) for the new Zealand envelope, in favour of copies of the Australians, the ANZAC's being dressed the same it made sense, but the artwork on the envelope remained as execrable has it had been in the first place, by remaining exactly the same!

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