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Saturday, September 19, 2015

1983 [Modern - Cold War] Modern Russians, 9 01760 - HO/OO

Modern Russians

1/76 scale; 1983; 1984 to 1985; 1:72nd; 1:76th; 20mm Figures; 25mm Toy Figures; 9-01760; Airfix 1:72nd Scale; Airfix Model Figures; Airfix Toy Soldiers; Early 1980's; HO - OO Figures; Kit Number 6016; Modern Russians; MPC 6016; Russian Toy Soldiers; Small Scale World; smallscaleworld.blogspot.com;
As noted elsewhere (WWII Russian small scale post Link) these were kindly donated to the Blog by Chris Smith, a connoisseur of ex-soviet toy figures and while they don't really confirm any Cold War 'unifomology', they equally don't really belong anywhere else!

Chris reports that they came from Hungary, so are more likely than not to be of Hungarian origin rather than Russian, and their appearance is best described as general infantry or Army Men!

I think the mounted one is my favourite here, a party-trusted, attached, commissar threatening to sword anyone running the wrong way!

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