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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1964; [WWII] Russian Infantry, S17 / 01717 / 01717-4 - HO/OO

Still needs proper text etc...

OBE's; A least one is doing service as a souave or 1914 Frenchman? Another red rule (see 1st type US Marines and Civilians), this time it seems to be; Soviet Commissars or political officers have bright-red jackets! And what's happening with the silver guy? Fighting Giant astronauts or aliens on Planet zb445227-b in sector 5, quadrant six, outer rim, I'll be betting!

Montaplex piracies, there was the usual figure set, but these two poses were also included in this seperate bagged truck from the 'vehicle' range. The truck's artwork is trying to be a Canadian Military Pattern (CMP), but the model itself is looking suspiciously like a post-war, early variant of Mercedes Unimog, probably pirated from Roco, Roskopf or EKO (themselves copies of the other two!) I would imagine.

 Clearly copies; they are a good milimeter-and-a-half or two milimeters shorter, their feet in the mud and the detail sparse. The shot is not helped by the poor-quality Airfix figure on the left, a shrinkage figure, I didn't notice his blobby chest when taking the photograph!

 1980 Catalogue Image

In the mid-'70's userpers appeared, they looked so cool in the box but were a major disapointment once they were out of the box! In the above image the earlier box is the lower one, the H&F panel being added quite soon after these sets came out.

Thanks to Kostas for the 1975 catalogue scans this collage is created from. The first appearance of the the white 'corner' boxes, I think.

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