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Thursday, June 17, 2010

1961; [Wild West] Cowboys, S7 / 01707 / 01707-7 - HO/OO

Not a set that ever really got me that exited, I did colour a few for my ACW armies, but generally I found the poses to be stiff and unrealistic, with a shortage of poses, and while Nibblet's sculpting style didn't bother me with the other sets he did, here I felt - even as a young child - that 'the' sculptor hadn't really tried...4 crawling cowboys, what were they doing; an assault course?!

A complete set of the Cowboys in the later cream plastic, like the High Chaparral set, this is the least common colour to find the set in.

The opposite of the photograph on the High Chaparral post showing the full set of cowboys on the left with the changes caused to the mould for the High Chaparral set highlighted on the right.

Wearing a quite convincing cavalry jacket or double-breasted 'shell jacket', this chap makes a dapper ACW conversion, not sure it you wouldn't have to hide the cartridge-belt? He'd need two rows of shiny brass buttons, but a quick Google reveals some quite smart painting options;
  • First Virginia Cavalry (Stuart's Horse) having a pale grey ground with contrasting black/charcoal facings and 'hussar's bars'.
  • Enlisted musician's in the US cavalry having an edged kite-shaped lozenge of bars in gold on a blue ground...
I'll go and CAD them up...

1st V. to the left, US Cav. Musician in the middle and the more typical arrangement of buttons on the right, I've found them with red, green and yellow trim! The collar is all wrong though...Doh! Most of the jackets I found have stand-up collars.

Courtesy of Kostas from Greece, this scan of the 1975 catalogue shows a photograph of a box (note the hanger hole) for the Cowboys, the same page also advertised the High Chaparral, an almost identical set!

Comparison shots of the crawling pose and the standing horse, the other crawler being the Union Infantryman while the horse is the mount of the officer from the French Foreign Legion 'early' or first type set.

Airfix versus Merten cowboys...he's not too bad a match for the two loose ones, but is much bigger than the boxed set ones, my study of Walter Merten hasn't told me yet if these are from two ranges, or early/late production (it's the same with the Indians), so a question still to answer there?

Lone Star, early in chalky-brown with no base on the horse, late in shiny-red with bases.

Marx/Marksmen by Rado/Ri-Toys.


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