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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1964; [WWII] Japanese Infantry, S18 / 01718 / 01718-7 - HO/OO

One of the very first sets we had as kids, Dad grabbed them in a newsagents at Kings Cross to keep us quiet on the - what used to be - four hour-odd journey from London to Retford, sometime around 1969 (I would have been 6-ish my brother a little younger), and we played with them on the little shelf that used to run under the windows between two sets of double seats. We took turns having either the guys with helmets or the guys with caps! And they were early;...no machine-gunners!

First version box in various guises, the middle one is the earliest of the three here, being the 50¢ overprint of the very first version, the upper one is the next, keeping the yellow/green graphics but a bit of a design-mess with the additional black lettering and the lower one is a later variant with cleaner tided graphics.

Jungle Outpost
1975 - Thanks Kostas




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