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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1966 World War One French Infantry, S28 / 1728 / 01728 / 01728-4 / A01728 / 7003 - HO/OO

Colour and pose variations and a Stadden comparison shot

Full set and some paint

Bit of gloss-red 'enhancing' this one!


Hat - both box types + Whole sprue and colour variant.

The larger figure is known to come in a Ri-Toys bag, so probably the source for all the above?

 Colour variants.



stuart said...

Interesting! The original box lists '2 soldiers surrendering'...... the only close candidates for that pose are the two men apperently carrying sacks of supplies (to quote PSR)

Hugh Walter said...

Sorry Stuart, I'm not getting eMial updates for these comments for some reason!

Yes, it's oft been wondered at, and they are the obvious choice, but it could just be a copywriter getting confused as by the time this set came out there were one or two sets with a pair of surrenderers!