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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1965; [WWII] Paratroopers (British), S23 / 1723 / 01723 / 01723-9 / 9 01723 / A01723 - HO/OO

One of the most issued and least accurate sets ever to come from the depths of the model-elves' forges in the Hadean caves of Haldane Place.

The main English language box types, vaguely in order from top left to bottom right, with the less common 1st version box.

All three versions of the early box, the 'Paratroops' box was probably first, the one above, with the 'S23' in the far corner being second and the top box the final version, the code and price (in US cents) together, being the form carried over to the 'Black-end' Blue-boxes.

Two Montaplex sets either side of an unmarked set, which clearly came from Montaplex as evidenced by the sprue layout; it was probably sold through a Hobbyplast display. Interesting that they had two different sets of Paratrooper Rip-offs...same jeep though!

The backs of the 'Sobre' envelopes with top-to-bottom equating to left-to-right in the previous shot. Close-ups of both figure types. Not only did they copy the poses, but the ridiculously high-number of men shooting their colleges! The more common sprue is of lesser quality and is lacking both the based items. The 'first' (?) sprue does provide a useful war gamming accessory in the vague approximation of a WWI Trench Mortar.

Direct size/condition comparisons between the two makes, the figures from the left-hand set in the first shot are slightly different, they were completely new copies, at least they have plugs which work, the 'jumper' from the other sets/runners are only useful as casualties!

The Polish firms of Universal (upper shot) and Globus (Global? Kracow, lower shot) both issued the same set of mouldings, one with a very crude copy of the Roco-Minitanks US M-103 Heavy Tank, the other containing some more useful copies of the Esci set; Battlefield Accessories. The figures are better than Montaplex, but not by much, the bazooka-man is inevitably miss-moulded and the mortar is a bastardized version of the common Matchbox design, and will only go together with copious quantities of super-glue and a hammer!

Meccano magazine; December 1965 - Airfix Paratroops cover for the Swedish Army!

The Lone Star figures are (despite being equally inaccurate - as British Paratroopers) the better figures and will paint-up just as nicely, not sure about the flame-thrower and that machine-gun seems to have been liberated from a French museum not yet visited by the Germans!

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