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Thursday, June 17, 2010

1962; [Colonial] (French) Foreign Legion (1st Type), S10 / 01710 - HO/OO

Another of the Nibblet-designed waxy-blob sets that would get a makeover in the 1970's, and another of my favourite sets way back when.

We were raised on regular re-runs of Beau Geste, the 1939 version with Gary Cooper, Ray Milland and Robert Preston, so this was the set for replaying the adventure on the floor of the living-room! Although I don't think I've forgiven them yet for sinking the model ship after setting it on fire in the pond!

The 1975 catalogue data, Picasa'd from scans supplied by Kostas from Greece, the artwork pertains to the early type, but the code points to the contents being the 2nd type, so will be moved when I get to the updates.

The colours of this set varied quite a bit from a dark dried-ink blue through to a quite bright ultramarine, later sets were more glossy and less prone to brittleness than early sets with their high-chalk content.

The main pirate of this set was Montaplex who gave them a twin-engined bomber, which, if you're setting them in the inter-war period is not that odd, the Brits were using bombers all over the empire to keep down freedom fighters - or insurgents as we have to call them now - but not quite as modern-looking as this one!

In preparing a second 'tranche' of photo's for this post I forgot I'd taken a pack/group shot, so took another! Never mind; I suppose it only adds to the scrap-book look I'm aiming for with this blog! To the right is a side-by-side comparison shot of the two versions next to each other, the poor quality of the Montaplex usurpers is obvious.

More comparison shots; Top left finds the re-issues compared to the earlier version, they are mostly larger 1:72scale giants next to their ancestors, but in the case of the standing firer, there's not much in it.

To the right they are compared to both the Union and Confederate troops from Airfix's ACW sets, and the main picture compares the officers horse to the Cowboy version. The addition of a sword being the obvious change.

Some OBE's, I always think the ones at the top are South American, but I guess they could just as easily be European or Chinese, Russo-Japanese war...anybody recognise them?

Bottom left is an 'Old School' all gloss unit of FFL, off to sort out the locals, or just march until they collapse while Sgt.Maj. Lejaune laughs maniacally at them! To the right; a thick coat of gloss white gives you Arab casualties!


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