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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1968; [WWI] Royal Horse Artillery (RHA - British), S31 / 01731 / 01731-0 / A01731 - HO/OO

One of my favorite sets as a kid, and always available from the Parachute Regiment museum shop in Aldershot, as it was the only direct link to 7 Para in the kit-world...which may explain the diorama of a WWI trench-attack which used to be by the entrance - was it built by John Weeks? I can't remember...it should be in Colchester or Duxford now?

1969 - It's the first apperance and the little white card treatment, the horses were a bugger to get to stand up, and even harder if you tried to do it with the two horse traces!

For some reason I've jumped to 2008? at least they remain the right way round, unlike all those trench-fighting left-handers elsewhere in this catalogue!

HaT had a shout with at least two colours being issued and (I think?) three boxes.

Nice conversions to Naval landing party 1890's/1900's at top left, next to the main colour variants, Airfix to the left and two HaT to the right.

Below them someone has started to build a German artillery battery with the ubiquitous head-swaps, and a set assembled as intended to the bottom right.

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