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Saturday, September 19, 2015

1978 [WWII] German Mountain Troops, 01752-7 / 9 01752 / 01752 - HO/OO

Much anticipated when announced and pounced-on once issued, these proved to be a bit of a disappointment to young chaps in the mid-late 1970's, i am speaking from experience here - of course - and you memories may differ.

The problem was that while there was some useful stuff in the set, even 'playful', the whole was less than the sum of its parts...it's parts being - in number - many, but in useful figures - few. Still very useful as cannon fodder for other armies, and still pretty popular with war gamers today as the loose smock jackets, short or gaitered boots and field-cap make them ideal for transfer the the DAK or late-war, mixed-arms, battle-groups.

1980's 'telescope image' artwork taken from the long boxes gives a reasonable painting guide of the figure most useful for artillery and AFV-crew conversion, the rope and grapple being easy to remove with a shape blade, leaving a nicely animated chap in a reasonably neutral pose.

'Repurposed' - as the current terminology would have it - into Norwegians, by Montaplex; who are they going to fight? Airfix German Mountain Troops! Bright yellow plastic and the artwork has them all in Adrian helmets, still in this colour, if you're a 'no-paint' gamer, they can go straight to North Africa!

Colour variation is quite wide with this relatively late set, probably because of the early eager uptake, and like most of the later German sets a pale-grey batch seems to have hit the store in the late 1970's I think the vary dark issue is the Palitoy/Heller era but will need to check with the boxes when I get them out of storage.

The horses being bigger seem to have more colour variation...or more colour variation observable by the eyes of a guy who hasn't collected on his prescription for reading glasses yet!

The numbers game, I forgot to include the bi-pods which will be rectified at a later date, a rather daft thing to include at this scale, especially as the same legs in the 1:32nd scale set are the first thing to go missing. With the similar rests in the German Paratroops: they was simply omitted from  the HO/OO sets.

One (or one pair) of everything, arranged in a little vignette to give the camera something to do! The supply horses have no real handler, but the chap carrying his skis can be made to lead them. Then you have the fighting troops and pointing chap who are very useful...in other units elsewhere on the table! A casual cyclist who might have been better - like his RAF counterpart - being placed in the Luftwaffe set, four guys dealing with an actual mountain and the skier make-up the rest of the set.

Rescued from eBay and collaged some fine OBE's which were sold in little lots for some time I gather. Some people paint the flags one colour, some split them with two colours vertically or horizontally, others diagonally split the colors like British formation signs, while - as here - others use two colours one for each flag; I don't know which is the correct choise, and maybe it was down to unit standing orders? They need to be seen at distance againt a background of rock or snow...


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