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Saturday, September 19, 2015

1978 [WWII] British Commandos (2nd/3rd Types), 1732 / 01732-3 / 9 01732 - HO/OO

The last of the re-designed sets, and the rarest. Heller (and General Mills) managed to totally screw-up not one but two sets of moulds/mould-tools. I will deal with all that another day when I some relevant pictures, but suffice to say; A) the only way you can tell which tool your set comes from is to measure the distance between the two locating-holes or spigots in the hull/deck of the canoe and B) Airfix have reverted to the earlier set of dancing loons for this set which remains in their catalogue and a favorite for adding to play sets.-

In 1980 they were still referencing the earlier set anyway! Little picture on the back of the 'white boxes' made large and used for the 'long boxes'...arguably one of the best poses from the 1st Sqn. Lionel's Own Right Royal Dancing Loons .

Given their rarity, it's annoying to find you actually have a couple in your bag of loose Australians, even more annoying when it's the 'only 1 per set' pose...so if you have a bag of loose Australians, go and double-check it, I found two, just the other day! Commando's on the left, Digger on the right.

Full runner with sprue-remains (the blob in the middle), can't remember which set this is, but from the availability a few years ago have to assume it's the French issue.

The old, superimposed on the new...er...even older! Those chocolate brown disco clowns are the current production people...could make a lesser man cry! You got two boats, which helped build a raiding party more quickly, the Matchbox lot getting a silly little jolly boat!

Otherwise the pose-count wasn't great with this set - it has to be said. There were the 7 ex-54mm poses, some ladder carriers and climbers who - along with the rowers - mirror the 1st/4th type, the bazooka operator (who is a nice figure), the grapple thrower (similar to the Matchbox chap), and the radio-operator/signaller we've looked at above.

As with the German Infantry and US Marines, the all new poses are thinner and easy to identify.

Paddling away! Given the risible rubber-boats issued with the US Marines (both types) and the Matchbox Commandos, this is quite a nice stab at the boats used for several famous raids during the Second World War such as this one: Operation Frankton.

The only OBE's I have of these - pretty standard for late 1970's/early 1980's school-boy painting really! Follow the links below for some better painted ones.

Floating..it floated a bit better than the boat from the other set, but still low and it did fill with water in the end!


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