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Saturday, September 19, 2015

1980 [WWII] Italian Infantry, 01757 / 01757-2 / 9 01757 / A01757, HO/OO

Late set, minimal pose count, reissued by several people, but nicely sculpted and the only figurers of WWII Italians for years - apart from all the Atlantic ones! But they had questionable sizes, dates and details and varied greatly from set to set, these may have been repetitive, but they were useful.

One of Eric Williamson's rare errors, corrected; if you've cut-and-paste his old pages into a data-retrieval system or Windows Office document, you might want to copy and replace with this one, or just correct the upper line of text in the original if it's still editable.

1980 catalogue image looks like one of Chiang Kai-shek's men charging at the viewer! It's one of the small images from the long-box, blown-up large.

1982 see a couple more of the box-art 'thumbnails' blown-up for a German language version of that years catalogue.

The sum total of my OBE's with this set, now that it's become less rare, more may come-in over time!

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